Preparations for the 58th edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair have begun. Kindly get in touch with the exhibitions coordinator on to make your provisional booking.

The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair is one of the largest intra-regional trade fairs South of the Sahara. An annual exhibition which offers exposure to both trade and public visitors, the multi-sectoral, multi-national expo provides a convenient trade hub for the region. Its location in Bulawayo, the centre of Southern Africa, is at the crossroads of the regional trade and transportation routes.

The ZITF Company extends an invitation to the local and international business community, both large corporate and small-to-medium enterprises to participate in ZITF 2017, running from April 25-29, at the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre in Bulawayo.

ZITF and the specialised exhibitions hosted annually at the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre provide ideal venues at which to meet the deal-makers and the new industrialists first-hand.

2017 Expo Diary
  • 25 – 27 April Exclusive business days
  • 26 April The annual International Business Conference with renowned local and international speakers
  • 27 April ZITF Golf Challenge, a high profile, charity golf day
  • 28 April ZITF 2017 Official Opening Ceremony
  • 28 – 29 April Two days open to the general public

 Check out the GM’s Report for ZITF 2016

Product Groups

The following product groups are invited:-

  • Equipment, expertise  for agricultural development
  • Machinery and goods for infrastructural development
  • Machinery and goods for value-addition in mining, manufacture, tourism
  • Machinery and goods for ICT development
  • Consultancy services and products for energy and water provision
  • Investment in agriculture, tourism, mining, manufacture
Product Categories at ZITF
  1. Agricultural/ Irrigation Equipment/ Water Engineering/ Ecological Management/ Livestock Management
  2. Agricultural Produce/ Arboriculture/ Horticulture/ Fisheries
  3. Arts And Crafts
  4. Automotive/ Garage Equipment/ Transport : Aviation, Boating, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Rail, Vehicles
  5. Building/ Construction/ Civil Engineering/ Hardware
  6. Business Services: Advertising, Banking, Finance, Business Management, Consultancy, Courier Services, Exhibitions /Congresses, Franchising, Industrial Design, Insurance, Investment, Property Management, Securities, Subcontracting/Export Promotion, Investment, Research and Development.
  7. Clothing/ Textiles/ Haberdashery/ Upholstery/ Production Machinery Equipment
  8. Children’s Nursery Goods
  9. Computers/ Informatics/ Office Equipment/ Audio-Visual Equipment/Hi-Tech/ Communication Systems (Media, Networks)
  10. Consumer Goods/ Gift Items/ Jewellery/ Accessories
  11. Cosmetics/ Toiletries/ Hairdressing
  12. Distributors And Wholesalers
  13. Electrical Engineering/ Electronics
  14. Food/ Food Processing/ Beverages/ Catering
  15. Footwear/Leather Goods
  16. Furniture/Interior Decorating/Wood Products/Household Equipment
  17. Light And Heavy Engineering/ Tools/Pneumatic Equipment
  18. Leisure / Tourism / Sport / Outdoor Living
  19. Energy (Electric, Hydro, Solar, Thermal, Wind): Production, Equipment, Distribution
  20. Mining /Minerals Processing /Geology
  21. Public Services (Culture And Conservation, Education and Training, Government, Medical, Health)
  22. Packaging/ Labelling/ Bottling
  23. Paper Products /Publishing /Printing / Stationery /Graphic Art (Petro) Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals / Medical, Laboratory And Scientific Products, Instruments & Equipment
  24. Plastics / Rubber / Glassware/ Porcelain/ Crockery
  25. Refrigeration /Air-Conditioning /Heating
  26. Tourism and Hospitality
Exhibit at or visit ZITF in Bulawayo because:
  • ZITF is situated in Bulawayo a city run by one of the most efficient local authorities in Southern Africa, which would facilitate investment in the City after a successful participation in ZITF
  • Bulawayo is the central hub for rail, road and air services, making both exhibiting, imports and investment easier.
  • The City of Bulawayo is situated close to South Africa, Botswana and Zambia which offers excellent and economical export opportunities.
  • ZITF benefits from the city’s substantial infrastructure for industry, commerce and services.
  • National University of Science and Technology (NUST) offers businesses that are established in Bulawayo excellent Research and Development facilities and a pool of well-trained graduates. ZITF works with NUST to source speakers and skills for its various conferences and workshops.
  • While at ZITF participants can take advantage of the proximity of the Matobo Hills with its incredible collection of ancient rock paintings. Also Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park with its exceptional wild life and Khame Ruins to do some spectacular sight-seeing.
  • Bulawayo is the central major city in the Trans-Limpopo initiative – an economic corridor which runs from Polokwane In the Limpopo Province of South Africa to Victoria Falls. Many ZITF visitors and exhibitors come from the corridor, offering excellent investment opportunities.
  • The future implementation of water projects between Victoria Falls and Bulawayo will encourage the establishment of a variety of businesses, many of which will be looking for partnerships. ZITF has always been a fertile ground to find such links.
  • The Export Processing Zone of Bulawayo is constantly developing and is well represented at ZITF, looking for viable outlets and co-operation.
  • The population of the City of Bulawayo is rapidly expanding. This population needs services, employment and investment opportunities ( tourism, education, construction, hospitals, manufacturing, finance). What better place than ZITF to showcase what is on offer?

Please contact us for participation costs.

Product Groups

We intend to especially focus this coming year on Business Synergies in Zimbabwe.

Other products on show:

  • Agriculture; Infrastructure; Implements; Seed, Fertilisers and Pesticides; Irrigation and Water Technology; Consultancy; Livestock Management; Training and Development; Ecological Management.
  • Cultural artifacts,
  • Export Promotion,
  • Finance and Investment,
  • Furniture and Interior Décor,
  • Research and Development
  • Tourism and Hospitality (A’Sambeni)

In conjunction with the highlights mentioned the following product groups will complement the cluster aspect of ZITF 2016:-

  • food and beverages
  • printing and packaging (PakPrint)
  • clothing, textiles and accessories
  • footwear and leather
  • transport – passenger and freight
  • informatics – hardware, software and systems
  • agro-industry – equipment and consumables
  • health and safety
  • office equipment and consumables
Exhibitions Concurrent with ZITF 2017

Held in conjunction with ZITF, these specialised exhibitions are taking place each within a dedicated area inside the main expo:

A’Sambeni Africa 2017

Pakprint 2017

For the last 15 years, A’sambeni Africa has been running as Zimbabwe’s premier Tourism and Travel Expo showcasing the best of the country’s domestic tourism industry. In a new and exciting development, for the first time in 2014, Asambeni ran as an exhibition to showcase service providers in the Meetings and Events industry (MICE).
Printing and packaging industries as a group, and synergising with the exhibitors from other industries.

Scholastica 2017

Ultim8 Home 2017

Exhibitors from all fields related to the learning industry will display and demonstrate the latest developments in their specialised areas, including both products and institutions.
The expo showcases providers of products, services and accessories in the following areas: mini show rooms, building accessories, DIY, architecture, design, interior décor, finance & insurance, energy efficiency, home textiles and wood products.

Hall 1

International Hall One is built on three levels, and offers 5 200m2 of floor area. During ZITF it houses the majority of the international exhibits, plus the electronics and engineering sectors. A business lounge for exhibitors, a restaurant, fast-food outlet and public restrooms are contained in this hall.

Hall 2

A large, open plan hall comprising 1 750 m2 of open floor area, this hall is connected to Hall 2A. It is equipped with an exhibitors business lounge.

Hall 2A

With a floor area of 1 680 m2, this hall offers an extensive, open-plan facility with exhibitors business lounge.

Hall 3

Hall 3 with its distinctive curved roof is centrally situated and offers 3 600m2 of open floor area. It normally houses the furniture, interior decor and outdoor living exhibits during ZITF. A comfortable Exhibitors Business lounge is provided as well as public amenities.

Hall 4

The most recently-built exhibition hall, with 5 625m2 of floor area, International Hall Four is the largest single-storey hall, and is able to accommodate even the tallest and heaviest exhibits. Business lounge and public amenities are provided.
This hall is directly accessible from outside the Exhibition Centre.

Hall 5

Recently refurbished and offering 1230m2 floor area, this hall now houses Ultim8 Home.



27 April 2017

 About the International Business Conference

The IBC is an annual business forum for decision makers both in the public and private sectors, to discuss pertinent economic and political issues and map the way forward. The conference seeks to create a hands-on opportunity and a business networking environment thereby contributing to the economic growth of the nation. In the past, the conference deliberations and resolutions have been used to inform policy and industrial development.

In terms of participation, the IBC brings together policy makers, international and domestic industrialists, indigenous entrepreneurs, academics and business leaders who are interested in positively contributing to the economic development agenda.

This year, we had the largest ever ZITF International Business Conference which attracted over 400 delegates from all sectors of the economy such as manufacturing, agriculture, mining, government, transport, construction, communication, and academic among others. There were delegates from countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and also in attendance where representatives from the Embassies of Germany, European Union and Brazil.

View Gallery

The conference is organised in conjunction with the National Economic Consultative Forum (NECF).

More Information

If you would like to receive more information about the conference, please send us a message below.

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Journalists, photographers, radio and television personnel who wish to cover ZITF 2017 for their newspapers, magazines, news agencies, radio, television or newsreel networks, are invited to indicate in the media accreditation form full names of persons who will be carrying out the exercise. We will then be able to issue you with press passes well in advance of the ZITF opening date.

The important dates and times for ZITF 2017 are as follows:
DURATION: April 25 – 29 2017
OPENING TIMES: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
OFFICIAL OPENING: April 28 at 2:00 pm
BUSINESS DAYS: 25 – 27 April 2017

No restriction on the number of passes to each medium will be put PROVIDED THEY ARE USED BY YOUR PERSONNEL IN THEIR OFFICIAL CAPACITY.
Media Validation Requirements

ZITF reserves the right to request the following validations before granting accreditation:

Recognised Media or Press Card issued by their employers,
Positive identification of journalistic employment e.g. letter of assignment on official letterhead from the Editor or Bureau Chief.
Freelance journalists may be requested to provide two by line editorial stories.

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