Tips for Success

At the end of the day, your success is our success; hence we encourage you to:

  • Adequately plan for an exhibition including knowing the reason why you want to participate
  • Study the Exhibitors Manual and complete all relevant Order Forms by the stipulated deadlines.
  • Create a checklist including every responsibility for trade show coordination and put one person in charge of making sure all items are completed.
  • Attend Training workshops to equip you with the relevant skill and knowledge on how maximise on your participation.
  • Promote your participation. Send out promotional materials to your clients and prospects pre-show indicating your stand number and location.
  • Make sure you arrive to the event site early to test show equipment, get a feel for booth accessibility and check out the competition.
  • Sample your visitors. Determine who they are and their company first before going into a sales pitch. This will help you determine the quality of client they would make for your business and help to decide how much time to spend talking with them.
  • Follow up with prospects after the show. Correspondence in a timely manner keeps your business fresh in the minds of potential clients.
  • Make sure your promotional material is ready.
  • Secure your accommodation requirements in time.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have my own security arrangement for my stand?
    There is no objection to exhibitors having their own security on their stand. Pavilions and open sites may have a 24- hour guard. Inside the halls, guards may operate between 07.30 a.m, when the halls open to exhibitors and cleaners, and 05.25 p.m, when the halls are locked for the night.
  • Where and when can I see a floor plan showing my exhibition space (stand)?
    Depends on the final consolidation of the exhibits. Plans should be available from three weeks before each exhibition.
  • Can exhibition fees be paid in other currency?
    We accept payments in US$ and Rand only at the exchange rate agreed with the ZITF Finance Manager
  • How far ahead should I start planning for ZITF?
    Successful participation in ZITF only comes from planning well in advance. Adhere to deadlines e.g booking your stand. Read the exhibition manual giving you cut-off dates when certain items must be booked, such as advertising in the catalogue.