Thank you for your participation in the 2016 edition of Scholastica. We hope to see you again in the next edition of the show.

Scholastica (incorporating Professional Training & Consultancy) will be held concurrently with ZITF 2017. Our plan is to make Scholastica a more exciting platform for the students who visit you, the exhibitor, at the exhibition for in-depth information on their future education, on the technologies and advice available. We want to encourage students of all ages to choose a direction in life which will develop their abilities and competence – using you, the exhibitor, as a source of inspiration and guidance.

Dedicated to providing insights into the reality of building a career, identifying individual  skill areas in need of further development and exposing participants to a wide range of career options to enable them to make informed career choices, this year’s Scholastica workshops will run concurrent to the exhibition. Below is the program of presentations and workshops lined up:

Any suggestions you, our valued exhibitor, could have to make this exhibition grow and develop, would be greatly welcomed. If you have ideas about the duration, frequency, content and impression of Scholastica, please contact us

This exhibition is Zimbabwe’s only international education and training expo with products and services covering every aspect of the sector.

The provision of two public days is made to enable scholars, parents and other non-trade visitors access to the exhibition. The exhibition is reserved for trade and business visitors only. However, limited access will be given to final year high school students, undergraduates and other interested visitors. Group visits are welcome but should be arranged before the start of the exhibition.


Its location in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, places the expo physically in the centre of the region. The venue is accommodated within the Zimbabwe International Exhibition centre – an extensive, permanent, purpose-built exhibition centre with a full-time specialist staff and plenty of room for expansion in future years. The Scholastica Exhibition will be held in Hall 3.


Business Days: 25 – 27 April 2017
(No persons under the age of 18 admitted on Business Days)
Public Days: 28 – 29 April 2017
N.B. Spot sales permitted in all areas on last day of ZITF (Saturday 29 April 2017)
Opening Times: 9.00am – 5.00pm daily

Exhibitor Profile

Exhibitors which took part in Scholastica were from South Africa and Zimbabwe. Products and services offered were aimed at primary and end-user markets. The majority of exhibitors at Scholastica indicated their decision to participate again in future Scholastica Exhibitions.

Visitor Profile

Scholastica attracted over 3000 registered visitors from all over the region, including delegates from the Ministries of Education from several Southern African states.

Product Groups

Exhibitors from all fields related to the learning industry will display and demonstrate the latest developments in their specialised areas, including both products and institutions:
Educational software, corporate and industrial training packages, related equipment, publications, books, training aids, computers, overhead projectors, audio-visual, binding and laminating, laboratory and chemistry equipment, scholastic stationery and equipment, musical requisites, sportswear and sport equipment and much more.

In addition, every type of vocational, academic and business training institution will be exhibiting their facilities to the over-18 student body and to make trade-to-trade business contacts.

Please contact us for participation costs.

Hall 3

Hall 3 with its distinctive curved roof is centrally situated and offers 3 600m2 of open floor area. Public amenities are provided.

Journalists, photographers, radio and television personnel who wish to cover ZITF 2017 for their newspapers, magazines, news agencies, radio, television or newsreel networks, are invited to indicate in the media accreditation form full names of persons who will be carrying out the exercise. We will then be able to issue you with press passes well in advance of the ZITF opening date.

The important dates and times for ZITF 2017 are as follows:
DURATION: April 25 – 29 2017
OPENING TIMES: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
OFFICIAL OPENING: April 29 at 2:00 pm
BUSINESS DAYS: 25 – 27 April 2017

No restriction on the number of passes to each medium will be put PROVIDED THEY ARE USED BY YOUR PERSONNEL IN THEIR OFFICIAL CAPACITY.
Media Validation Requirements

ZITF reserves the right to request the following validations before granting accreditation:

Recognised Media or Press Card issued by their employers,
Positive identification of journalistic employment e.g. letter of assignment on official letterhead from the Editor or Bureau Chief.
Freelance journalists may be requested to provide two by line editorial stories.

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